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The Five Modern Dating Trends You Wished Didn’t Exist.

The trends in dating have drastically changed if you compare today’s culture with those in the 1800’s. Okay, that may too far-fetched, but our point is that dating today evolves quicker than anybody could expect. Are you ready? Let’s see what the five new trends are.


  1. Waiting’s Over

Today, women don’t have to wait for a year-long snail-mail to arrive at their doorstep. There’s the cellphone. Better yet, there’s the smartphone. Unfortunately for most gents, the easy way to communicate with women isn’t exactly impressive. Everyone and every women knows that effort is important in relationships, and texting or chatting, while convenient for relationships, isn’t really great for a date starter.

The new rule is to avoid this pit and be sure to give your effort to your woman. The poets decades ago have had it lucky, don’t you think?

  1. Everyone’s a Celebrity

Facebook and other social networks introduced the live demonstration of a “small world” syndrome. Better yet, they’ve done great for websites and blogs like us for marketing and advertising (to be honest, yes). However, it did well for most people today because now everyone’s a publishing machine. Everyone is a celebrity in their own universe.

Two individuals dating each other are celebrities, at least in their circle of friends, colleagues and family. It is important that both of them understand that the information they share in the Internet, they share with people in their circles. This means that it could be a big turn-off if you post an indecent photo of yourself, which your future could see. Ugh.

  1. The Past Is Always There

Ahh social networks. They’re really double-edged swords. It had made things harder for people who want to avoid their ex-lovers online by seeing their social network updates consistently. The presence of ex-lovers make it difficult for people to detach, and unfriending your ex-lover is a sign of bitterness.

However, just throw in the towel. Delete that guy or gal and just get on with your life. Period.

  1. Bite-Sized Dates

Almost everyone has a commitment to work, family and self-love that was unimaginable during the turn of time at the 20th century. Even for the standards of the 90s by going to the amusement park or watching a movie, today’s standards cut it down to just bite-sized dates.

Bite-sized, meaning low-time commitment dates such as coffee meetings, short conversations after work, pizza dinner, and everything else. This makes it difficult for men to break through their passion for their woman, and women to see whether a guy is truly genuine with them or not.

  1. Forty Years Old

The right time to get married is now at your late 30s. By your 20s, you should still be living your life (and living your single life with all the joys of being a single person, if that exists). But the emotional attachment of twenty-somethings could be very strong indeed. However, if you want to choose stability, as your parents would say, get married or be a parent by 35.

How People Meet Their Potential Future Partner Online [Infographic]

There’s nothing really spiritual about falling in love with another person playing World of Warcraft or any other MMORPG. There’s nothing really faithful about meeting people in dating websites because you create your optimal avatar and the “perfect you”, which isn’t you. It’s too easy to fool or be fooled by someone through online dating. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s all that bad. It also values the person’s personality and interests on top of their physical appearance and even more.

Here’s the statistics for online dating in the United States

Dating Expectations Vs. Reality [Video]

Dating places you at your most vulnerable state of mind. It’s never easy to meet someone new, better yet trust yourself with them. You have all your reservations about this new person you just met. However, always remember to play fair and understand that nothing you expect may happen. This will help you feel better about your date along with possible future dates you might have.